Posted on Aug 21, 2019

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11 Tips to photograph the Moon
1- Wait for a Full Moon at 100% brightness. A ¾ Moon will give you more details though.
2- Choose a night with a Sky with No Clouds
3- My favorite camera; Sony a7RIII Full frame with 42 Mega Pixel. I still have great resolution even using the APSC crop mode.
4- My favorite lens: Sony telephoto zoom lens 100-400mm with a 1.4 teleconverter.
5- I use a stable tripod with a Benro 3-way geared Head for locking the camera into position and adjust precisely its position. I use a Mefoto Globetrotter tripod.
6- My camera settings: Aperture between f11 and f14, Shutter Speed 1/250s (remember the moon keeps moving), and ISO between 100 and 200 to avoid any noise.
7- Focusing: Manual Focus gives more control (check your view finder while focusing manually) but autofocus can also be used depending on the situation. See which one works best for you.
8- Disable any steady shot feature that your camera or lens may have.
9- Set your self-timer to at least 5 seconds (2 seconds is not enough especially with a longer lens).
10- Underexpose slightly the image and bring everything back in post.
11- Have Fun!
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