Posted on Sep 12, 2019

EckFoto Photos and Videos

15 Tips to prepare your Home for a successful Photo Shoot
1- Get rid of removable storage.
Remove all baskets, boxes, etc..from all the rooms to be photographed.
2- Clutter, Clutter, Clutter!
Remove ALL clutter throughout the house; the less the better.
3- Put away all personal items
Remove all family photos, albums, etc..
4- Thin out your closet!
Take at least half of what is hanged in your closet.
5- Get rid of all low energy bulbs as they produce bad color cast.
Use at least 3 lights per room. Daylight bulbs in 65 watts are recommended. Turn all the lights.
6- Hire a professional experienced in staging
7- Hire a professional photographer specialized in Real Estate.
Most of the potential home buyers are relying on the internet before making any decisions. According to recent surveys photos are one of the most useful website features.
8- Consider a video of your property produced.
9- Make your Bathroom look impeccable
Make sure the toilet seat cover is down and that the towels are neatly folded. Close the shower curtain. Remove tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, etc.
10- Reveal interesting details like moldings, trims, fireplaces, etc..
11- Reveal the best selling feature of your property.
12- Prepare the Front of the House
Remove cars, trash cans, trash bags, garden tools and clutter.
13- Level all Blinds
14- Lighten dark spaces.
A light colored throw blanket over Dark furniture or dark rugs will do wonders.
15- Clean all windows, bay windows and French glass doors.
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