Posted on Aug 10, 2019

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8 Tips for Better Night Photography
1- Stable Tripod
A good Tripod is the most important piece of gear for long exposure during night photography.
2- Exposure
I use long exposures to capture bursting street lights trailing light of trains, cars, etc.. 10, 20 or 30 seconds in general will give you trailing lights, milky “water”, etc..
The longer the shutter speed the more light you capture. Adjust as you go.
3- Lenses
The choice of Lenses will vary depending on the distance that you are shooting from. Generally a wide angle lens is a good start. I am using a Sony 16-35 mm 2.8 GM so I can zoom in or out depending of situation.
4- ND Filter
ND filters will allow you to darken the light coming into your sensor and allow you to slow down your shutter speed even farther.
5- Keep Changing your Composition
Keep changing the angle, keep changing your composition. Don’t hesitate to turnaround, look at your surrounding and be creative. Look for lines that connect to the subject that you are photographing.
6- ISO
Avoid cranking up your ISO especially when using a fast lens. Adjust your shutter speed, lower your F stop and remember the lower ISO the lesser the noise.
7- Check your Viewfinder
Make all the changes possible to get the best results in camera. That will boost your confidence (instant gratification) and most importantly save you tons of time processing the images.
8- Have Fun
Night photography can be intimidating at first. Don’t go alone; it is safer and more fun.
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