Posted on Sep 19, 2019

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8 Tips to get you prepared for your next Headshot Photography Session
1- Come open-minded.
As a professional head shot photographer I will guide you throughout the whole session.
2- What should I wear?
It will depend of what you will be using the had shot for. Acting? Business? Social Media? Bring a lot of options; at least 5 outfits that you love. Avoid bright colors too.
3- How about my Hair?
As far as hair goes, dyeing hair three days before the photo shoot is ideal if you die your hair.
4- I want my skin to look at its best.
One week is a perfect timing to think about taking care of your skin with good exfoliation as it will make your skin ready for the photo shoot.
5- A manicure before a head shot?
This is another confidence booster and makes you feel good about yourself.
6- It’s all about bringing up your personality
As a professional photographer I owe to my clients to bring the best equipment to the session to guaranty success.
7- How often should I get my Headshot done?
Head shots should be updated every 2 years for adults, and once a year for teens and younger. You just cut or died your hair? Now is time for a new head shot photography session.
8- Why do I need a Professional
Through our experience and technical know we ensure a positive first impression that will help you achieve your goal.
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